Election predictor says 2020 is too close to call

A historian who has accurately predicted eight of the last nine Presidential elections says his crystal ball is murky when it comes to what will happen next year.

In fact, American University's Allan Lichtman told KTRH that 2020 is too close to call, and that's frustrating him.

"It's very unusual. Usually I am able to make my predictions well in advance of an election," Lichtman said.

UH's Brandon Rottinghaus says he agrees with the way Lichtman sees it.

"It is going to be too close too call. There are a lot of factors that play in the President's favor, and then there are some that don't," Rottinghaus stated.

Rottinghaus says the big problem is that Democrats can't decide who they want to be in 2020.

"That's a touch choice, because each candidate represents a different wing of the party," Rottinghaus explained.

Lichtman says 2020 reminds him of 2016; when he only predicted a Trump win in September that year.

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