Americans in favor of "Medicare-for-all" should take a hard look north

Everyone in Canada has health coverage through the government because private health insurance is illegal in Canada.

NPR has reported that Canadian hospital emergency rooms look like they belong in poverty-stricken Third World countries.

Canada's health care system is the model for the "Medicare-for-all" plan that both Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want. Except both liberals want free prescription drugs, free long-term care, free dental care, free vision care, and free care for people with hearing problems.

Since liberals can't give any details about “Medicare-for-all”, health experts and Americans are turning to other countries socialized medical plans to see if they work.

Bed Beacon CEO Dr. Katie Jarvis took a look at the British system for all of England and found that they couldn't handle patients and shut down all elective surgeries in January 2018.

"They've now reopened that, but they still cancel one out of every seven surgeries," said Jarvis. “I have a relative who used to live in Canada who returned here for her surgeries because of wait times. Canadians spend about 20 weeks, that's five months, waiting for a specialist to see them."

She recently took a look at the National Health Service’s model in England.

"They had such long wait times that they cancelled all elective procedures a few years ago. It was staggering. We already have a 100,000 doctor shortage. Socialized medicine typically increases red tape and decreases payment to workers which drives talent away from socialized systems. Most socialized systems pay for Med school and also import their doctors. We don’t cover medical education expenses like Germany or the UK and I haven’t heard of any plans toward that on the campaign trail. I’m still not sure how America can afford Medicare for all when in 2030 Baby Boomers will outnumber their children.”

She would like to know how the plan would be funded, as well as handle such a large number of patients.

Jarvis added as people get older, the number of problems and extensive treatments is a huge strain on the healthcare system.

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