FISA Report sue to come out today

Today's the day we are supposed to get the report from the Inspector General into how the FBI started whole Russia investigation.

Now, if you believe the leaks, the IG's FISA report may conclude the FBI was justified. But Congressman Mark Meadows told Fox News don't believe the hype.

"They knew that there were credibility problems with the very documents that they were spying on American citizens and using the documents inappropriately," Meadows said.

Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review says we've seen the mainstream media try this trick before.

"The fact these newspapers come out with stuff saying that know what's in the report is just ridiculous," Polland stated.

He expects the report to be spun by both sides, but that the President can hammer his message home to voters.

"He will use this to say the Deep State and the Obama Administration was abusing our agencies to investigate a political opponent," Polland said.

In other words, the Democrats actually did what they're accusing Trump of doing with Ukraine.

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