Don't expect a Christmas bonus; be thankful for what you get

Two out of three companies say they'll give employees Christmas bonuses, but if yours doesn't, don't freak out.

Sugar Land business consultant Joshua Evans says you're not entitled to a bonus.

"What employees need to remember is this is a gift, it's something to be thankful for, not something to be expected."

Evans says money's tight and your boss may not be able to spare it.

"Most organizations want to be able to give their employees a gift, but if they're unable to do it one year it shouldn't cause unrest or unhappiness among their ranks."

Evans says if you're offended at not receiving a bonus, maybe you should find another job.

"If you are offended by not getting a Christmas bonus then maybe you should go work somewhere else; most organizations want to do that for their employees but they're not necessarily in the financial position. So we need to be cognizant, as employees, of what our employers are able to do."

Some employers say they'll give non-cash bonuses like extra time off.

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