Bernie and Warren fans don't like free speech according to new poll

You might support free speech, but fans of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren don't feel the same way you do.

New polling shows a majority of Bernie Sanders supporters say government should ban free speech. The same goes for Warren supporters. Political consultant Joe Brettell says this is the Democratic Party going extreme.

"Warren and Bernie may get a certain amount of support, but most regular voters will look at them and say that's not practical," Brettell said.

Brettell says these are young people who just don't get it and have warmed up to the idea of socialism.

"They like millions before them are looking at the idea of socialism as a solution. But it's been tried over and over again, and it has failed," Brettell explained.

There is this. 58% of Bernie supporters told the poll that people that violate speech bans should go to jail 56% of those with very favorable views about Warren said the same thing.

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