We know the impeachment outcome; why are we still here?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it official yesterday. Democrats aren't abandoning ship when it comes to impeachment. But we all know how this ends.

This goes nowhere when this is all said and done. Yes the House will impeach. No, the Senate won't convict. We've all known that since September. So why are we still doing this dance? Political analyst Michele Maples says that's an easy one to answer.

"This is all petty politics at this point. The Democrats have no long game," Maples said.

Political analyst and attorney Michele Maples tells KTRH that all the Democrats are doing is making their own base question their motives, and question whether or not it's worth it.

"They are able to look at the facts and draw their own conclusions. Now they are asking what their representatives are doing for them," Maples explained.

And Maples says that at the same time the impeachment effort has only galvanized Trump supporters.

"They are more riled up than ever. It will be all hands on deck to get the President re-elected," Maples stated.

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