Trump economy booms in the big picture; small picture will be focus in 2020

The President is already campaigning on what he's done for the economy. But some analysts think he still needs to sell voters on what's coming in the future.

Some economists say that while the big picture looks good with low unemployment and higher wages, other costs haven't gone down. Michael Johns co-founded the National Tea Party movement and says there is inflation in certain parts of the economy.

"Heath care is the biggest one. It's an area that requires a lot of focus. But on a whole this economy is operating at nearly unprecedented strengths," Johns explained.

Health care reform requires willing partners in Congress, which Trump doesn't have.

"We have a House of Representatives that is largely refusing to co-operate on even the most sensible of policy reforms," Johns stated.

Johns says the President has to frame his message in a way that looks back at what he's done, and look forward to how he'll improve things in a second term.


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