Should age be a 2020 election issue?

Kamala Harris is out. Mike Bloomberg is in. Bloomberg is 77; the fourth Democratic candidate over the age of 70. Should that matter in 2020?

President Trump was 70 when he won election, and would be 74 at the end of his first term. Robert Charles with the Association for Mature American Citizens says age should not matter.

"What should matter is their capacity. That's going to vary from the youngest ages to the oldest," Charles said.

Charles says we are living longer, and staying healthier longer these days. But he also says the older the candidate the more we have to keep tabs on things.

"I think it might be prudent to have candidates and Presidents get more regular physicals, because things can happen quickly," Charles explained.

There have been two Presidents who finished their time in office after hitting 70; Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.

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