Is the Peloton Commercial Sexist?

Peloton bike ad

The cute – thin – wife recounts for her husband her satisfaction after one year’s successful use of the Peloton exercise bike he gave her for Christmas, and the Twittersphere went bananas.

It’s a TV commercial for Peloton and it has sparked memes, conversations and criticism as only social media warriors can muster about how the ad is promoting sexism, body shaming and poor marital relations.

“Abusive,” says one.“Creepy,” implies another. How dare a man suggest his wife should lose weight, typed many!?! The outrage is vehement, if misplaced.

“I don’t want to look at it as if he is saying ’Hey, you need to lose weight,” says Felicia Lee-Sexton, owner of the Women’s Health and Fitness Center in Houston.“I look at it in the form of ‘I am so grateful you are looking out for me health-wise.’” A professional body-builder, nutritionist and physical trainer for women, she sees the commercial as inspiring.

Lee-Sexton sees the ad as promoting thoughtfulness about a loved one’s physical and mental health. “So if you gave me some five-pound weights, or if you say here’s a box with jump-rope, weight and a meal plan I’d be very happy.I personally give these things away during the holiday,” she says.

Critics on social media are off on a hunt to identify the actress who was probably thrilled to get booked for a national commercial but may now be feeling regret after becoming the target of women’s anger.

Peloton says they are standing by the commercial and the spirit in which it was intended.

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