Another reason to stay on the couch

NBC is taking a chance with an on-screen option to buy something the moment it's featured in a show. A QR code appears on the screen and viewers can scan it with their phones and go directly to a link to buy the item.

Pop culture librarian Rob Weiner at Texas Tech says he's not surprised.

"It's just another example of modern technology combining itself with advertising and being able to purchase certain goods and services."

Weiner says, for some, it'll seem tacky, but for others it'll be just another way to shop.

"Viewers like myself are not gonna do that, but certain viewers, because of the convenience of it, I think, I think it's just another avenue."

In a recent episode of Songland a QR code, to buy a lighted keyboard used on the show, popped on screen.

"It's yet again another example of using technology to provide instant gratification for buying products."

Weiner says some will find that too crass and commercial, but some will just find it convenient.

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