You may want to mail your packages even earlier

It may be a merry Christmas for job seekers; there are more jobs than people right now. But that may lead to shipping delays.

Andy Challenger of placement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas says you might want to ship your gifts even earlier than usual.

"Retailers are having a hard time meeting their hiring goals this holiday season with an unemployment rate of 3.6%, nearly a 50-year low."

Challenger says if you'd like a seasonal, retail job and you've already looked, look again.

"If you went and looked in October and there weren't any positions go back again here in early December and you may very well see an opening."

There's good and bad news about shipping Christmas presents; the bad news is a lack of seasonal workers could mean delays. But the good news is, some employers are raising wages.

"In select markets we're seeing UPS go up $30 an hour for certain locations and times."

The Post Office deadline to get a present delivered by Christmas is the 14th. For UPS three day select it's the 18th. For FedEx it's the 17th.

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