Conservative media is exposing mainstream media bias

The four years of constant attacks on President Trump by the mainstream media keep going. But they are being exposed.

On Thanksgiving, Newsweek reported the President was Tweeting and golfing. The truth was he was in Afghanistan. Kayleigh McEnany with the Trump campaign told Fox it's the same old story.

"Anything and everything he does will always be wrong. They can't tolerate when he does something good," McEnany explained. "They delegitimize themselves."

Lloyd Marcus with the American Thinker told KTRH more of you are realizing what the mainstream media is doing, and it's because of conservative media.

"Before Rush Linbaugh we had to believe everything that they told us because there was no alternative," Marcus stated.

But now there are. And they are tracking the fake news, like former CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson and her list of 101 media mistakes she compiled that we have for you HERE.

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