Democrats may already be facing the cost of impeachment

The Democrats may regret going down the impeachment road. In fact, going down that road has already come with a cost.

It's hurting donations for the Dems. In October, the GOP brought in more than $25 million; the DNC just $9 million. Republican strategist Bryan Preston says Democrats there are other costs, too.

"They are paying a price at the polls. President Trump is becoming slightly more popular as time goes on and as the economy hums along," Preston explained.

And if they do abandon impeachment, Preston says that will hurt them in 2020.

"What does their base have to play for in the elections next year if that happens? Holding the House? Maybe. They probably wouldn't take the Senate in that case, and they aren't going to take the Presidency," Preston said.

Recent polls showed only 43% supported impeachment, with only 30% saying they were watching the hearings "very closely."

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