Christmas shoppers are setting a torrid pace

Analysts expect record Christmas spending for this month and November. It appears consumers are not worried about a possible recession.

Michael Smith at Houston's STA Wealth Management says shoppers are confident.

"Consumer sentiment is still at a record high and so I think right now consumers feel confident about their ability to spend and actually be able to pay that back."

Smith says it's a combination of the markets and President Trump's policies.

"I think you've seen about 15 rounds of the U.S.-China trade tension negotiations, which seem to be going into phase 1, so I think that gives a little bit of certainty back to the markets and to the consumer."

Smith says when it's tallied up he expects to see Cyber Monday spending increase, as well.

"I think we've probably seen some pull back in the people that go to the malls; I think you are going to see probably a bigger pickup in terms of Cyber Monday and more people shopping online -- I know I certainly have shifted myself."

Adobe Analytics expects 15% overall spending growth over last Christmas season.

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