Fighting Holiday Perfectionism

It’s the time of year when all women wish they were Martha Stewart capable of achieving perfection in their dishes, decorations and party favors. Few will make it.

Many will end up depressed.

Social media has made it all worse as an endless stream of perfect images set standards that few can achieve but everyone measures themselves by.

“So let it go.Put the phones down and stop taking all the photos and just enjoy the company and be present in the situation instead of trying to work so hard for that perfectionism,” says Melissa Pocza, author of “Basic Bitch,” a mom and former beauty queen, a Mrs. Texas and Mrs. International.

If you find yourself only doing things you feel you need to do and aren’t doing things you want to do – you may be suffering from holiday perfectionism.

“And when you take these walls down of perfectionism and really be your basic self and put it out there it allows other women to relate to you and see that ‘you know what, everybody else is just like me,’” says Pocza.

Stop and smell the poinsettia, and know that perfection is in your heart, not in your Instagram posts.

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