TSA testing new equipment this Thanksgiving

If you're headed to the airport for Thanksgiving today, depending on where you go, you might see new technology being tested out by the TSA.

The TSA is testing out 'Innovation Checkpoint' in Las Vegas. ID readers scan your license to confirm your identity, and electronics stay in carry-ons. Aviation analyst Jay Ratliff says this is just the beginning.

"The bio metrics, as we move in that direction, are designed as a way for us to expedite the process and get more people through," Ratliff said.

Of course, it's going to take a while for all airports to get this.

"We will be looking at a couple of years before we start seeing this at the major, gateway cities and the larger airports around the country," Ratliff stated.

Another new technology is called a 'digital dog nose,' which is mounted on a drone. The makers of that say it can detect explosives as well or better than a bomb sniffing dog.

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