If you think the skies are busy now, just wait

Amazon intends to deliver anything it sells in 30 minutes or less. To do it they're gonna need a lot more drones and robots and driverless cars.

For now, flight industry observer Greg Reverdiau says Amazon has drones that can bring you small stuff quickly.

"This thing is designed to fly 15 miles and deliver packages under five pounds in less than 30 minutes."

Attorney Sarah Nilsson says the FAA may combine drone control with standard flight control to keep collisions to a minimum.

"There's going to be huge integration between this and manned air traffic control and that is a whole other set of rules."

Forget 30 minutes or less or it's free -- someday the majority of pizzas and other takeout food may arrive by drone, in less than ten minutes. But Mary Cummings at Duke University warns, FAA approval to test these deliveries in limited areas is not the same as final approval.

"I want everyone to remember that this day is still an experimental day; everyone should not think that they're about to get tacos or burritos delivered by their drone."

If a drone delivers your pizza, do you have to tip the drone?

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