If you shop while at work you're in the majority

A survey finds a majority of American workers shop while at work and a lot of them admit it hurts productivity. But watch out, the boss may know you're doing it.

This woman is among the majority.

"Doesn't everybody? During your lunch break, here and there, during a really boring meeting, when you kind of have nothing else to do, I mean c'mon, it's what you do, right?"

Workplace culture expert Daren Martin says we should be allowed to shop at work.

"Work invaded home a long time ago; if you ask those same people how many of them respond to emails on a Friday night, or on vacation -- I saw a statistic that 50% of people expect to work while on vacation."

Martin says employers should acknowledge Christmas shopping and set aside time for workers to shop. He says they can track it without alarming employees.

"Some companies actually install software very overtly and it benefits, it increases productivity because it doesn't come off like a Big Brother spying kind of thing; you can actually track and see how much time you were on particular things."

Cyber Monday is the most popular workshopping day, followed by Amazon Prime Day. But more than a third of workers say any day ending in 'y' is a good day to shop.

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