Hallmark Channel Rules Holiday Televisions

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Men, step away from the remote control and go be productive. It’s women’s favorite time of the year! The Hallmark Channel’s “Countdown to Christmas” has begun…so long ago we don’t quite remember when but who cares?..and every year gets bigger than the year before.

It started in 2011, and before long Hallmark realized they were on to something. Something really, really big.

In fourth quarter of 2018, the Hallmark Channel was #1 in Neilson ratings for women ages 18 to 49 and women 25-54. It’s probably also #1 in women 55+ but they’re not included in most ratings.

Formulaic, you say? Predictable? Yes. The plots and the success the schmaltzy plots produce.

On Saturday night, the Hallmark Channel is number one on television, beating out all of the broadcast networks, reaching an estimated 68 million viewers. This Saturday is “Christmas at Graceland 2019.” Nope, not the same one as last year. Yes, Prescilla Presley is in it, but the other stars are different, and the plot is not a sequel and it's not exactly the same. It just worked really well last year so they're trying the same formula again. Men, if you want to watch the Super Bowl next February, put down the remote control.

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