More than three million people are estimated to be flying December 1st

Some Thanksgiving travelers might have already started flying this past weekend.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is a typically busy travel day, but this year is expected to be "the busiest travel day in the history of the United States airline industry” according to an airline expert, who predicts that the Thanksgiving Day travel period will break records with almost 32 million people flying across the world.

AAA-Texas senior travel agent Ginger Davis said it gets rough when everyone flies back the same day—this year, Sunday, December 1st.

"Intercontinental Bush is going to see a lot of foot traffic. Hobby has reduced some of the airlines that fly in and out of there, so you won't have the foot traffic," said Davis.

She said that means almost four and a half million flyers in the nation and more than a quarter of a million in the Lone Star State.

"December 1st, is going to be the highest peak travel day, just simply due to the fact that everyone's going to be trying to get home on that day," said Davis.

Holiday Travel Day Before Thanksgiving Predicted To Be Heavier Than Years Past

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