Economic ramifications of Millennials being sick

According to a report, more Millennials suffer from conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and ADD at a higher rate than Gen-Xers did at the same point in their lives, which could mean rising health care costs.

It's estimated by 2027, health costs for Millennials could run as much as 33 percent higher than they were for Gen-Xers at the same age, and could trickle down negative economic consequences.

McGovern Medical School at UTHealth professor of family medicine Dr. Deepa Iyengar said it's more recognizable because Millennials are more in tune with their health.

"Long term, it's going to mean a higher health care costs, weaker human labor force, weaker individuals as far health, and then also financial health for the country," said Iyengar.

She said economic, behavioral, situational, social and environmental factors have an impact on how Millennials handle stressors.

"We know that people who are sick have more demands that they put on the health care system and then their productivity is reduced," said Iyengar.

She said exercise and diet will make a tremendous positive impact on health.

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