U.S. Has a Doctor Shortage

Going to The Doctor’s Office is bad enough --- but full waiting rooms and longer waits for medical care are becoming the status quo. KTRH medical expert Dr. Joe Galati says much of it involves better medical care for you. Doctors and staff must use more complex procedures and protocols than before.“Number one – it takes more time. Number 2 – it takes more staff. That means it's more expense to run the practice so doctors have to cram more patients into their day. “

Dr. Galati comments that more doctors are retiring early now and there are fewer doctors in practice. “The medical schools are trying to catch up – if you will – to all the retiring doctors." With more people living with chronic disorders, this is becoming the status quo.

The Association of American Medical Colleges , says unless significant steps are taken, they predict the shortage is only going to get worse. U. S. legislators are trying to help the issue by proposing bills that would increase grant money for more medical residency slots as well as making it easier for foreign doctors to practice in the U.S. Many medical schools have increased scholarships. Some have even created specific residency slots for those willing to practice in rural areas.

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