Millennials LOVE "Vintage"

According to Millennials - everything old is new again.

Millennials Expert Kelly Acetta says it isn't surprising.“Every generation has a period that they get enamored with. I know in my generation, the 1950s came back! Grease was probably an influence. “

They are bringing back some things that might surprise you, like NEEDLEPOINT. Acetta says Taylor Swift's needlepoint gifts are probably an influence. DIVORCE IS DECREASING and sociologists say they think millennial women are why. “The woman in the millennial generation is taking her time in looking for a future spouse.She’s looking for someone who is compatible and actually be a part of the marriage instead of having to carry the relationship by herself like she has seen in past generations.”

RECORD PLAYERS are popular with them. Acetta's two millennial daughters have them along with record collections and are enjoying discovering all the songs on an album instead of downloading just a single. They like LIBRARIES because they are environmentally aware and don’t want more paper and cardboard to end up in a land fill. “Every millennial I know loves holding a book instead of an E-reader.”

POLAROID CAMERAS are back thanks for Netflix “Stranger Things.” Says Acetta, “Everyone loves seeing a Polaroid camera work. It’s just fun!” They love PLANTS AND GARDENING.Acceta's explanation, "Most millennials have never been able to plant something and see it grow. They love having them in their homes and outdoors - even if it's just an apartment balcony."

Acetta says millennials are coming into their buying power and many companies want to attract them to their brand.

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