Illegal immigrant apprehensions down due to Remain in Mexico

From peak illegal immigrant apprehensions by Border Patrol agents in May to October showed a decrease of 73 percent during those five months of those crossing the border between ports of entry.

The Trump administration's Remain in Mexico program slowed down a lot of people turning themselves in.

National Border Patrol Council Vice President Chris Cabrera in the Rio Grande Valley said it's returned to people trying to avoid being caught.

"We're also seeing a lot more drug traffic coming in and we're getting a lot more drug apprehensions because in the past all of our manpower was tied up with people turning themselves in, so we didn't have anybody out there to catch the really bad ones that were trying to get away," said Cabrera.

He said they're now focusing on the drug traffickers.

"We're getting a lot of people that are coming in, a lot of what we call 'runners'. It's not just them walking up and turning themselves in," said Cabrera.

He said there's a little spike when it's good weather, as well as cold, rain and overcast because drug traffickers are not expecting agents to be out enforcing the law.


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