Why is the Democratic 2020 field still growing?

The deadline to file as a Democrat to run in the Texas primary is coming up within weeks. And even more Democrats might decide to jump into the Presidential race by then.

We've already seen Mike Bloomberg and Deval Patrick jump in, and Charles Blain at Urban Reform says the donor class of the Democratic Party isn't satisfied with the choices they've been given so far.

"The urgency of getting a new and more moderate candidate is fully supported by donors and insiders," Blain stated.

Which may be why Bloomberg and Patrick are in, and possibly why Hillary Clinton keeps talking about 2020, too.

"I really don't see her being in line with where the grass roots of the party is today. If they aren't happy with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris I doubt they are going to be happy with Hillary," Blain explained.

The deadline for Texas is December 9th. The primary is March 3rd.

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