Not updating your benefits plan during open enrollment could cost you

As open enrollment deadlines loom, nearly all Americans make this big mistake on their health care.

Most people don't make any changes to their plan, according to a survey in 2018 from Aflac.

Bob Armour with JellyVision said people could be leaving money on the table, if they're putting off dealing with open enrollment, or leaving it the same.

"They end up doing the same thing over and over again, thinking that 'hey this plan is fine for me', when in reality, and many times, it's not fine and it's not the best economic choice," said Armour.

He said not updating your benefits plan during open enrollment could cost you.

"People could save about $624 if they made the correct choice," said Armour. "If you happen to be in a plan that is costing you more than you really need to get the coverage you really need, then, that's just a bad outcome."

He said that money could go into a health savings account, 401K or your pocket. The money taken from your gross paycheck has a significant impact on your net pay.


  • Don't get fooled by plan names.
  • Look for a plan that fits your needs for that year--especially if your health or household situation has changed in the past year.
  • Don't let health care jargon rattle you.
  • Talk to someone in your human resources department at work if you need help.

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