Impeachment hearings continue this morning

If you thought the first day of public hearings in impeachment were off the rails, get ready for more of the same today.

And the House Intelligence Committee is going to hear from Marie Yovanovitch today, the former Ambassador to Ukraine. Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady isn't impressed.

"More bureaucrats who don't like the President's foreign policy. They can disagree, but none of this is impeachable," Brady said.

RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong says you can expect implications to be made based off of her behind closed door testimony.

"She felt threatened that the President was going to shame her and send out a bad Tweet out about her," Armstrong stated.

But Jared Woodfill with the Conservative Republicans of Texas says feelings aren't impeachable.

"Get over it.The reality if the President doesn't want you in the position, it's his prerogative to remove you. If that hurts your feelings, sorry," Woodfill explained.

The hearing gets underway later this morning.

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