Senate Republicans would face consequences for convicting Trump

If impeachment gets to the Senate it isn't likely to end well for Democrats.

Not only do Republicans control the Senate, but political analyst Dick Morris told a NY radio station Republicans would be voting away their own carrers by convicting.

“Trump isn’t going anywhere, and he’s not going to be removed from office,” Morris declared. “There is no way the Senate is going to convict Donald Trump. He has a 90% approval rating among Republicans. And any Republican senator who votes to convict Donald Trump is signing his own political death warrant because the very next cycle he is going to get a primary against a Trump supporter who is going to absolutely destroy him.”

Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak says a guilty vote now would be bad for any Republican in 2020

"If anyone wants to support impeachment, that's their right. But they will face severe political consequences if that happens," Mackowiak stated.

Ultimately Democrats need 20 Republicans to convict, and Mackowiak says there's no chance of that

"You could perhaps see a path where three or four Republicans would vote to remove him from office," Mackowiak explained. "That would leave them sixteen or seventeen votes short."

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