Maybe one day a trip to space will be a regular flight

Space tourism is probably still far away for all but the super-rich, but it's inching closer. Last month, Virgin Galactic joined Space-X and Amazon's Blue Origin in the race to offer space flights for regular customers.

Space expert Keith Cowing is excited; he sees competition as the fastest way to make space flights affordable.

"It will likely drive prices to where they can get the biggest number of people."

Cowing says he hopes to see what we've seen in the car and computer industries, where prices drop quickly on new tech.

"After all the dust settles and we see which products are successful or not I think it's possible that you or I might be able to convince our spouses that maybe we could buy a ticket, once."

Investing in these companies now could be getting in on the ground floor of something big.

"If you look at the history of air travel or computers or anything it's always been rivals -- in car makers it was the big five; they were always competing with one another and the competition was usually driven by who can give more of what consumers want at the price consumers want."

Cowing says prices will fall and hopefully someday soon we'll all be able to fly high.

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