Public impeachment hearings begin today

If you think the impeachment inquiry has been a witch hunt up until now, you haven't seen anything yet. Public hearings start this morning.

Among today's witnesses are Ambassador Bill Taylor. Political analyst Chris Begala says he's not sure why we are here.

"Nancy Pelosi said over and over again that she would not put the country through an impeachment process unless it's absolutely, totally, completely convincing some criminal act," Begala explained, adding that Pelosi moved forward before she even knew what the Ukrainian call was really all about.

Even if it the House impeaches, former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker says the Senate might kill it.

“Not only is it dead on arrival, there’s a risk that the Senate doesn’t even take it up as it is a completely partisan exercise where [there are] only Democrat witnesses, only Democrats’ votes, and Republicans’ rights to due process and fairness are not honored,” Whitaker told Fox News.

The Democrats claim they want to get this in front of the American people. But will you watch?

"I would say 2% max of this country will watch these hearings," Begala stated.

The hearings begin this morning at 9.

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