Our war on free speech goes international

The war on free speech that liberals have waged for years, especially on college campuses, has gone international.

In England, new research shows less half of students support freedom of speech. Attorney David Starnes says our culture of conformity has gone international.

"We are taking away one of the fundamental tenets if getting a college education, and that is the free debate of ideas," Starnes explained.

Which is the subject of the documentary 'No Safe Spaces' with Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla, who says anyone who disagrees with the crowd, in college and in the real world, gets ostracized.

"You should be able to share ideas without fear of being fired from your job or shouted down," Carolla says in the trailer.

This has led to these safe spaces, which Starnes says exist for one reason.

"They need to gravitate to a place where they are not challenged. These safe spaces allow like kinds to huddle and exclude anyone else who is not part of that group," Starnes said, adding that the problem on college campuses is not going to get any better in the future.

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