Why is America so unhappy??

The economy is booming. You have more money in your pocket. Unemployment is low. Yet if you believe new research, this is the least happy we have ever been as a country.

The World Happiness report says this is the least happy we've been in our history, and that our happiness level has been going down since the year 2000. Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center says the mainstream media and social media are to blame.

"They basically tell us lies. People don't post the truth on social media. They post scripted truth. Everybody sees it and gets jealous," Gainor explained.

So this may be a way for the mainstream media to make people upset before the election. And as for being the least happy we've ever been, Gainor says that's untrue. Just look at the sixties.

"We had riots all the time. Cities were burning. Major political figures were assassinated," Gainor stated.

Gainor added that what's happening now doesn't compare to what happened back then.

Young Male Looking At Cooking Pan On Fire

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