Harris County Commissioners may debate gun control this morning

Harris County Commissioners could be debating something that will have supporters of the Second Amendment upset.

The Commissioners, in an effort being led by former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, are expected to be debating an issue that Tara Mica, the NRA Texas Director calls gun control in universal background checks. This would be a non-binding resolution supporting a California style ban on all private firearms sales. So if this is not actual law, why debate this or put it out there?

"My guess is they want to take a public policy position, and put pressure on lawmakers to adopt these laws," Mica said.

Mica says Garcia and those pushing for this resolution don't understand this isn't something that will actually work.

"Only law abiding citizens are actually going to comply with this law. The criminal element is just going to ignore it," Mica stated.

The Commissioners Court meeting begins at 10 this morning, and is open to the public.

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