The Statistics on Graying Houston

According to Census data, Houston is home to 208,624 seniors aged 65 and over. Of that total, 90,963 own a home, and 24,741 have a mortgage.

Monthly Home Costs as a percent of Income:

• 58 percent spend more than 20 percent of the budget

• 21 percent pay 35 percent of the budget

• 9 percent pay 20 to 24.9 percent of the budget

27,718 are below the poverty level (4.72 percent are males, and 6.63 percent are females)

23 percent of them receive food stamps.

43 percent of seniors in Houston earn less than $30,000 per year, while 16 percent earn more than $100K/year.

The median household income is $36,162, which includes an average social security benefit of $15,638/year and an annual retirement income of $23,666.

39,878 seniors in Houston are employed.

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