The importance of Trump’s judicial appointments

If several potential appeals judges get confirmed, President Trump's judicial appointments could soon make up more than a quarter of those serving on the appellate bench.

The president has already placed six judges on the Ninth Circuit bench.

"He has appointed a strict originalist who believe in the meaning of the Constitution and the vision our founding fathers as much as feasibly possible," said Hogue.

Travis County GOP's Andy Hogue said a lot of the most liberal test cases come from there, around California. The judiciary's prevailing philosophy has been activism, and that law can be written out of the ether and interpreting the Constitution.

Hogue said there's still a long way to go.

For America's President David Bozell said the ability to select judges for lifetime positions is a significant part of why Trump was elected in 2016 and this has been a concern for decades of conservative voters.

"It's impossible to oversell this importance. This is just a promise that was made on day one of his campaign and he delivered in spades," said Bozell.

He said it's crucial to have judges who will uphold the Constitution first and foremost.

Bozell added it's based on a lot of faith--kind of like watching the NFL draft. You don't know what the players will be like until they're on the field. It's the same with the judges. You don't know how good they'll be until a few years into their term.

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