Okay Boomer, Lawyer Up

Writing note showing Gen Z Millennials Gen X Boomers. Business photo showcasing Generational differences Old Young people Marker over notebook crumpled papers pages several tries mistakes.

Generational warfare has begun.

It’s Millennials vs. Boomers. A young, female New Zealand lawmaker called out an aging, outspoken associate with an offside comment, “Okay, boomer,” and the reverberations are still being felt.

She didn’t invent the online meme, but Cloe Swarbrick fired the shot heard round the world.

The massive generation of Millennials, essentially people in their 20’s and 30’s, are beginning to give louder voice to their frustrations about the world they’re inheriting.

The massive generation they’re targeting, Boomers, essentially everyone 55 and over, were the people who invented the concept of a Generation Gap. They did it when they were the age of today’s Millennials.

Houston psychotherapist Dr. Lawrence Abrams says inner-generational warfare is just par for the course. “It gives you someone to get mad at, and we all need someone to get mad at sometimes,” he suggests.

The older generation, however, has the law on their side when it comes to verbalized put downs, according to Cozen O’Conner attorney Joseph Sirbak. “’The Age Discrimination in Employment Act’ prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, and that covers people over 40, so by definition anyone who is a Boomer is going to be legally protected.” People under the age of 40 have no such legal protections.

Okay, Millennial?

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