Mainstream media is quiet about trade war progress

There was some good news late last week about the trade war and the economy that would help President Trump in his re-election big. The problem is the mainstream media is ignoring it.

The U.S. and China reportedly have agreed to roll back tariffs if a 'phase one' deal is reached in terms of trade. Financial planner Bill Dendy says the markets will love this news.

"Removing this shadow of doubt is a positive. If this happens, traders should be happy and the markets should have a positive response," Dendy stated.

And that will keep the economy humming. But Michael Brown, the former Director of FEMA, who hosts at our sister station in Denver, says the mainstream media will not talk about it.

"Not everybody is always doing great at the same time. They will focus on that. That will become the lead story, and they will try to convince the American public that the economy is going down the tank," Brown explained.

Even though they've been trying to do that for months, and the economy hasn't gone down the tubes.

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