We are a year away from the election. How crazy will it get?

We are about a full year away from the 2020 election. If you think it's crazy now, you might not have seen anything, yet.

Among the issues you'll hear about non-stop are health care, and, of course, impeachment. Jesse Kelly of sister station 950 KPRC says it's going to be constant.

"You're going to see emotions running high. It will be crazy. But you just have to hunker down. It's only going to be for a year. That's all," Kelly said.

But will the constant talk cause you to lose interest. Kelly says it won't, and you can thank social media.

"You can respond to the President. People are more involved than ever; maybe less informed, but more involved," Kelly stated.

That might be because of all of the fake news that we have seen on social media for years, fake news that remains an issue as we gear up for that marathon ending in November of next year.

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