The older you are the less you want credit card debt

You know it's true: credit card debt is easy to get and hard to get rid of. A new survey shows most Millennials are okay with loading up their cards for Christmas, while the older you are, the less likely you are to think that's a good idea.'s Ted Rossman says Millennials feel a lot of pressure at Christmas.

"Many are parents and that's a powerful and expensive force; this desire to give your kids a good holiday season."

Rossman says a balance transfer card will help.

"If you have debt you should get a zero percent balance transfer card; that's going to be way more meaningful to you than a rewards card because it'll let you to pause the interest clock for up to 21 months."

Rossman says you don't have to use credit cards to load up on debt.

"There's definitely a lot to be said for debit cards and cash as budgeting strategies; not to mention old-fashioned stuff like setting money aside throughout the year. I think, unfortunately, a lot of people get caught by surprise."

Rossman says the average traveler spends a grand on holiday travel and most of us spend too much on gifts and dining out. A survey finds Millennials are more accepting of piling on credit card debt this time of year than Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers.

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