Election results are finally in: Buzbee, Turner in likely runoff

You went and did your part. You voted. But you waited nearly twelve hours longer to get the the results of your vote.

That's because of the Harris County vote reporting issue. The County had to go to a backup vote counting system due to a state advisory. But now the votes are in, albeit unofficially. Incumbent Sylvester Turner fell short of the 50% plus one he needed to avoid a runoff. He got 46% of the vote.

"We're almost there. But we know it's going to be a long evening," Turner told supporters last night.

The likely runoff will be with political newcomer Tony Buzbee, who wore his Marine greens when he addressed supporters last night and refused to give up the fight.

"Guess what? We're going to make the runoff, and when we make that runoff we are going to win," Buzbee said.

Others, Bill King did concede.

"We live in a time when loud, strident voices are prevailing in this country, and it looks like they might prevail in this election," King stated.

Boykins had no regrets about getting into the race as late as he did.

"I stood up for the men and women of the Fire Department because I felt that they were mistreated. I don't feel bad about any decisions I've ever made," Boykins explained.

As for the delay in getting the results, Mark Jones at Rice University told Houston's Morning News that was simply unacceptable.

"There is no excuse. You can't blame the state for the fact that you don't have the results at 5:45 the morning after the election," Jones explained, adding that other counties faced the same issue.

"Fort Bend County is under the same rules, and they had their results in by 11 o'clock. Granted they have 80 centers and not the 757 that Harris County has."

All but one of the statewide propositions passed, including Prop 4 to ban state income taxes. Prop-One, which would allow persons to hold more than one office as an elected or appointed municipal judge, was defeated.

The Conroe ISD school building bond passed. The METRO Bond passed, and Houston ISD, facing a state takeover, will see some turnover, as a pair of board members seem to have lost their seats last night.

You can see the full election results from Harris County HERE.

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