Do we really want flying cars?

What goes up must come down -- and forget about drones, do you really want cars flying above your head? Early moves are being made to make the flying car a reality, but there are a ton of obstacles to overcome. And while the left has been pushing for driver-less cars, we're not even to that point, yet.

KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds is skeptical.

"We had all these predictions five years ago about completely self-driving cars; today we're nowhere near that."

Reynolds says human error can't be allowed and a lot of us have issues with routine air travel.

"I mean, there's something scary about it; you are out of control and some people just don’t deal with that very well -- I can see panic situations and what happens then?"

Reynolds says neither the Jetsons' flying car nor the cities filled with flying cars in the 90s movie 'The Fifth Element' are close.

"We're so far away, there's so many things that would have to be done to make this happen; I don't know if we'll see it in my lifetime."

Reynolds says conditions would have to be perfect to fly in congested areas like Houston. There can be no mechanical errors; no bad weather and certainly, no fender benders in mid-air.

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