A QUICK Bite of Lunch?

School lunch can be a special time of the day - one where a teacher isn't telling you what you do. Moms of Oklahoma City students are up in arms about their kids having only 20 minutes for lunch. Registered and licensed dietitian Brittany Hunter-Sanders is in agreement - but how much time do YOU spend on lunch? We asked some people at a local deli about their own lunch requirements.

"I have to eat at my desk for 20 minutes because I don’t have much time.”

“I just eat at my desk. I don’t know how much time it is. I work while I eat.”

"I usually have an hour that I squeeze into 30 minutes."

"I take as much time as my boss will know that I’m missing.”

"We take an hour for lunch."

"It takes about 15 minutes. That’s about it."

"I eat while I work…About 10 minutes of eating and I can get it done"

"It’s about 15 minutes to get it and then I go to my desk to eat it."

"I go up to my desk. I eat at my desk. And I enjoy my little lunch."

The average time given for the noon meal among these working people was 21 minutes. They should call their moms!

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