Lately Republicans are doing something unusual

Republicans in Washington have been doing something lately that many observers aren't used to seeing them do. With few exceptions, they have taken a page right out of the Democrat playbook, and are sticking together when it comes to the impeachment inquiry the Democrats have taken up against President Trump.

You might be wondering why they are doing that, when we've seen Republicans break rank before on any number of issues in the past. Political consultant Joe Brettel explained why we are seeing this.

"Everyone is in the pool with the Trump Administration. Voters are going to make little distinction between a Tea Party Republican and someone with a more establishment background," Brettel said.

In other words, it's about 2020, and their political futures. Brettel expects this trend to continue.

"You will continue to see Republicans get behind this President," Brettel stated.

But Brettel says we won't see if this togetherness extends to delivering on campaign promises until after next year's election.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

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