Record 67.3 million speak a foreign language at home

There are new numbers showing exactly how immigration, both legal and illegal, impact out culture.

A record 67.3 million speak a foreign language at home; in Houston that number is 50% of the residents. This does not surprise Breitbart's Bob Price.

"Throughout history, groups have migrated here and settled into pocket communities and maintained their language of origin," Price said.

But he says this does impact assimilation, and 1.1 million crossed the border in Fiscal 2019, nearly a half million of those families, which also concerns Price.

"This is the biggest demographic change in illegal migration across the border. When you look at the number of family migrants crossing the border, the border patrol is not prepared to handle that," Price explained.

That 1.1 million number was the highest since 2007; the half million family units is a record.

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