Big tech bias is on display again

There's a lot of concern Silicon Valley is heavily in the pockets of the left and recent news doesn't do much to dissuade that. Facebook says it's moderating news but conservatives say it's just censorship. Meanwhile, Google is funding 29 left-leaning journalism projects.

Media critic Jeff McCall says Google probably shouldn't be funding journalism at all.

"Any time they get into refereeing they're gonna be making judgment calls and it seems to suggest the judgment calls are normally going in a particular political direction and I think that's what has some people rightfully upset.

Professor McCall says it's obvious the tech giants want to sway the news.

"Let's face it, all the refereeing done by these high and mighty tech giants comes down to the whims and values and priorities of those staffers and gumption suggests most of the people in the tech industry are leaning left."

Twitter is banning political advertising and Professor McCall says that's not good news, either.

"For them to think they can referee which political ads are better than others is probably not a good thing. To take them all down just means you're de-platforming and restricting the kind of flow of political dialogue we've come to expect in the United States."

Professor McCall says many people communicate their priorities through paid, political advertising.

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