Americans aren’t saving their six grand surplus, going towards life

The average American reportedly spends roughly $61,000, yet only makes about $67,000, after taxes, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Personal finance author Stefanie O'Connell Rodriguez said yet, Americans are not saving that leftover of $6,000.

"We're seeing some surplus between average living expenses and average earnings. But then, everything in life that's less than average, whether it's a medical emergency or job loss, really sucks up a good chunk of that left over $6,000 a year," said O'Connell Rodriguez.

She said instead the money goes to healthcare, unemployment and things in constant shift.

"Debt is still really high, and so for a lot of Americans we are kind of teetering on the edge and we are lot more financially fragile than we were in the past," said O'Connell Rodriguez.

She said it's a good idea to automate financial behaviors that will serve you—like savings account and bill pay.

O'Connell Rodriguez added we need to make our savings becomes a priority at the first of each month and pay ourselves first.

Financial Health Network found only 28% of Americans are considered to be financially healthy.

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