Just in time for holiday travel, hackers are targeting frequent flyers

Before you book your holiday flight reservations, there's been a substantial uptick in frequent flyer accounts being hacked.

Houston cybersecurity lawyer Shawn Tuma said hackers are always evolving their tactics and looking for people's sensitive information from places that aren't well-defended.

"It's going to have your full name, your full address, your birthdate, potentially your driver’s license number, maybe social security number, if you're traveling internationally, passport information, it'll have people you travel with, like your family members," said Tuma. "That's all a treasure trove of data for hackers because they can get more money for more complete records when they go sell them."

He said the problem is these accounts get the same amount of protection like a grocery store rewards card.

Tuma suggested to treat these accounts like your bank accounts with complex passwords different from other passwords, and multi-factor authentication.

Don't pay for it with a debit card.

He said businesses are getting savvier and are trying to do better to protect information. They could start mandating multi-factor authentication to login, but then customers complain about the inconvenience.

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