Dems go all in on impeachment while ignoring their real job

The Democrats don't even try to hide it anymore. They are all in on impeachment, and they have totally abandoned the job they are actually supposed to to.

They haven't focused on anything other than impeachment. There have been no legislative proposals, even on things both sides agree upon. Republican strategist Jessica Colon says that includes issues like opioids addiction which the President has tried to tackle.

"He's taken that bull by the horns. The Democrats refuse to come to the table on this," Colon said.

Vice President Mike Pence told PBS the Dems are still angry over 2016.

"For the last three years Congress has been spending most of its energy trying to overturn the will of the American people in the last election," Pence said.

Colon says Nancy Pelosi is doing what President Trump said she would.

"She has adopted this obstructionist agenda, which President Trump warned us would happen when the Democrats won the majority," Colon explained.

Which has led the all out effort to throw him out of office.

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