It’s Candy Time!! (for sneaky parents, too!)

Candy is high in sugar and low in nutritional value, so it’s the duty of parents to consume some of what the kids bring home from an evening of trick or treating. After all, it’s for the children.

Or at least that’s what some parents seem to think.

78% of parents admit to stealing some of the Halloween haul.

28% eat more than candy than their kids.

After all, it’s for their benefit.

Jimmy Kimmel has made an annual tradition of sharing videos submitted by parents who tell their children, whether true or not, that they’ve eaten all the candy overnight. Many kids throw temper tantrums. Some are more forgiving. No doubt he'll feature the 9th annual year of stealing candy from kids soon.

If you are still shopping and hope to bribe the neighborhood kids from executing a trick involving toilet paper on your home, these remain the most popular. Besides, you’re going to be eat some!

Reese’s (62 percent)

Kit Kats (56 percent)

Milky Way (32 percent)

Three Musketeers (24 percent)

Candy Corn (21 percent)

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