Obamacare enrollment period about to start

Obamacare's open enrollment period is about to start. Will it be impacted by a court decision that's expected soon?

An appeals court is expected to weigh in on a federal judge's ruling in Texas last year that said Obamacare was unconstitutional. David Balat with the Texas Public Policy Foundation says that ruling is coming soon.

"We do expect the decision during the month of November. That should not impact enrollment or plans for next year," Balat stated.

We are also waiting for a plan to replace Obamacare from Congress, and Balat says he expects President Trump to use a formula that has worked before.

"A lot of deregulation. We have too much regulation in health care.That is what has squashed competition and innovation," Balat said.

Balat says he hears that a plan from the White House is nearing completion. Open enrollment runs through December 15th.

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